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How Would You Like To Expand The Capability Of Your Nintendo DS?

“Here’s YOUR Chance To Step Into A Whole

New World Of Gameplay And Enjoy Your NDS

Beyond Your Imagination”

From the Keyboard of J.J. Gidi-Paku

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United Kingdom

Dear Fellow Nintendo DS Fan,

If you are anything like me, you are desperate to know how you can actually expand the capability of your NDS.

Right? :)

Introducing… The World’s Revolutionary & Most Advanced Media Enhancer For The Nintendo DS & DS Lite Is Here!

“CycloDS Evolution”

CycloDS Evolution is the revolutionary and world’s most advanced Media Enhancer for the NDS and NDS Lite. A European design with high quality components and superior functionality. CycloDS Evolution is matchless in its field.

It was designed with user friendliness in mind and can be operated entirely with the stylus. Its user interface is multi-lingual, currently supporting, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Portuguese.

Let Me Tell You Some Of The Main Benefits Of The

CycloDS Evolution

Unlike other cards available on the market, CycloDS Evolution regularly updates the firmware

It has a feature called “Slow Motion” that has the ability to slow down gameplay

You can adjust In-Game Brightness as per your liking

You can pause the game, save it at that exact location and reload the “snapshot” at any time with its “Real-Time Save (RTS)” feature.

Two or more DS players can share a single cartridge and all play together with its 100% download play enables feature.

It supports the higher capacity SDHC card up to a massive 32GB

Its support is best on the market and can easily be assessed from the forum

“Sounds Good, But What Can I Do With This

Amazing CycloDS Evolution?”

CycloDS Evolution is an amazing, incredible and revolutionary multi-functional Micro SD adapter that will let you:

Play games

Listen to MP3’s

Watch videos

View images

Read e-books

Enjoy the vast collection of homebrew applications

And that’s not all…

Hold your breath because CycloDS Evolution also has an inbuilt ‘cheat code system’ that gives you ultimate flexibility and freedom to play all your favorite games.

This cheat code engine is directly compatible with Action Replay codes. And the icing on the cake is that it has cheat codes for over 300 games so you can get started right away!

Being Skeptical? Want Proof?

You Got It…

Skeptical is natural. I understand and respect that. The fact is that there is too much hype on the web these days and even I don’t go for anything until and unless I see PROOF myself.

That’s why I urge you to check out some of the reviews of the CycloDS Evolution and you will surely believe that it is worth buying.

It is still my top recommendation for someone looking to purchase a DS flashcart! Score Take 2: 10 out of 10 – An amazing cart!

To sum it all up – CycloDS Evolution is the best Slot 1 cart on the market right now.

The CycloDS Evolution is currently one of the best DS flash kits available.

Overall I’d have to say Team Cyclops CycloDS Evolution is the best Slot 1 solution one can currently find on the market today.

The CycloDS Evolution is simply the best, for now and most likely forever.

So, overall, I am very impressed with the card. It worked out of the box, didn’t need anything special, like a file system on the MicroSD card, and everything I tried worked without a problem.

So, you see… the bottom line is

The CycloDS Evolution works like magic

Here’s My 100% percent, No-Fuss, No-Questions,

No Quibble Personal Guarantee!

Buy CycloDS Evolution today and try it for FULL 30 Days… If you are not satisfied with its performance, we will refund 100% of your purchase price… no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose…!!!

Grab CycloDS Evolution Today!

So go ahead and order your CycloDS Evolution now and expand the capability of your Nintendo DS Today.

Yours for Ultimate Fun,
J.J. Gidi-Paku

Don’t Wait Any Longer …

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